Episode 28 Part 1 – The End of the Beginning

Hello listeners! We are back after a bit of a layoff. Apologies for the extended absence. Unfortunately, our plan to pick back up and follow the Flames after our vacations was upended by the unceremonious defeat of the Flames at the hands of the Avalanche.

We are back now for a post-mortem. The regular season was certainly a success, but there are questions to discuss about the make up of this team after a very disappointing showing in the playoffs.

We talk about the season, the playoffs, and the future. Lots to dig into, so please enjoy!

Episode 013

Welcome back! Typically, this time of year is for looking to the future, but we are looking back to our very first episode and the predictions we made.

In this week’s first period, we discuss a successful 3-1-0 road trip for the Flames and the recent play of the team. Beyond that, we grade the performance of all the regular skaters and goalies.

In the second period, we review our picks for division winners and the President’s trophy including a couple of good ones like Tampa Bay and Nashville as well as some duds like Dallas and Philadelphia.

In the third period, we review our picks for individual trophies and the likelihood that they will walk away with them in Vegas after the season.

Finally, our co-hosts get an opportunity to replace three of our predictions.